Ernst Scheidegger (1923 – 2016), whose 100th birthday we mark in 2023, was closely associated with the Kunsthaus Zürich and the Alberto Giacometti Foundation. His photos and films of Alberto Gia-cometti are legendary, and influence our image of the famous artist to this day. Like those depicting other artists such as Joan Miró, Hans Arp, Max Bill and Germaine Richier, they draw their energy from Scheidegger’s inspired documentary gaze, informed by a profound understanding of how artists work. Of equal importance are Scheidegger’s portraits and travel photographs featuring motifs such as the North Indian city of Chandigarh, which was designed largely by Le Corbusier. The exhibition thus focuses on the photographic oeuvre of Ernst Scheidegger, who was also a successful gallerist, designer and publisher. It is complemented by selected works by the artists whom Scheidegger photographed.
A book accompanying the presentation places the exhibits – including photographs recently unearthed in the archives – in the overall context of Scheidegger’s output.

Ill.: Ernst Scheidegger, Children in southern Italy (Naples?), late 1940s © 2022 Ernst Scheidegger Archive Foundation, Zurich