Dr. Philipp M. Hildebrand

Directory and executive board

Ann Demeester, Director
Christoph Stuehn, Vice Director, Head of Sales & Services
Alex Schneider, Head of Finance and Operations
Dr. Philippe Büttner, Conservator


Dr. Jonas Beyer
Dr. Philippe Büttner
Dr. Sandra Gianfreda
Cathérine Hug
Mirjam Varadinis

The association structure and high level of financial self-sufficiency give the Kunsthaus a degree of flexibility when developing and delivering its programme.

Some 200 staff keep things running smoothly. The Stiftung Zürcher Kunsthaus is a separate foundation with responsibility for property maintenance and leasing out areas for restaurant and café services.

Contact & Adresses

General Inquiries
+41 44 253 84 84

Post and Invoices

Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft
8024 Zürich


Kunsthaus Zürich
Hirschengraben 8 / Kantonsschulstrasse 2
8001 Zürich

Directorate and Administrations

Kunsthaus Zürich
Winkelwiese 4
8001 Zürich


Kunsthaus Zürich
8001 Zürich


Kunsthaus Zürich
Rämistrasse 45
8001 Zürich